What’s the truth about Karma?

Throughout history, the concept of Karma is taught by a multitude of religions and cultures. The notion of Karma dates back thousand of years. Although it has been around for so long, the concept is misunderstood. I personally, thought it was, “what goes around, comes around”.

In certain religions, karma represents action. Things that we do good or bad bring about results, in this life or after reincarnation. Certain scholars believe, that karma is a cosmic principle. Your deeds are either rewarded or punished in this life, and you actions from a past life may have certain effects, good or bad in the next life.

The concept is so confusing, karma by definition, is action. However we sometimes mix karma and results together. We tend to look at karma like, what you do to others, they will do to you. However, the concept of Karma relates to what you do to others. What others do to you, is the result of your karma. What other people do to you, is their karma. The action part — is karma.

Karma is a universal law. Every action has a reaction. What you sow, you shall reap. When you plant a seed, eventually it will grow. Some grow quicker than others, some could take a long time. One thing is certain, the seed will grow eventually and then we will have to face the results.

For some reason, I have been obsessed about the laws of karma and how it works. I suppose it was when I heard that my world, is a hundred percent the result of my previous actions, words and thoughts.

The big thing for some time has been the law of attraction, and many people don’t believe in it because it sounds so simplistic. It actually is simplistic; however, it takes a paradigm shift for you to accomplish it. My research led me to trying to figure out how to do this, which led me here. Once you understand karma, so many things start to make sense. Keep in mind, this quest was not religious. I am Catholic; however, I always knew, that the basic principle was “love your neighbor as yourself”. Again, simplistic. The hard pill to swallow with Karma is that we have created and caused EVERY single thing that is happening to us right now. At some point in your life, we chose whatever is happening to us by our actions.

Here is the AHA moment.

It also means, that we have the power to change what is happening by responding positively, no matter what the situation is. The old adage of “look on the bright side,” or “everything happens for a reason.” When something unfortunate happens, it’s not about blaming yourself, or looking at others when something bad happens to them with judgement. It is more like having humility and understanding and opening your heart with compassion and kindness for yourself and others.

It’s not easy, by any stretch. I try to remind myself this, if someone betrays me, that’s their karma, how I react to the betrayal is mine. I already have to accept the hurt of the betrayal; therefore, I don’t want to add to it by responding in anger, revenge or any other emotion and create further bad karma for myself. Silence is golden!

Which brings us to the twelve laws of Karma

1. The Great Law

this law is sometimes referred to as “the law of cause and effect”, basically this law is what you give out, you will receive, positive or negative. If you want love, be loving. If you want to be financially abundant, then be generous, if you want an open honest relationship, then be authentic and honest to the people you care about.

2. The Law of Creation

This law states that we need to be active individuals in our lives if we want to get what we want. A key to understanding this law is that if we don’t like what’s going on in your life at the present moment, look within yourself and ask what needs to change. “if you keep doing what your doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.”

3. The Law of Humility

This law states that you need to accept the true reality of something before having the ability to change it. Self-reflection can assist you to make the most of this law. If you are consistently blaming others for things you created, or if everyone who disagrees with you is the enemy, you need to self-reflect.

4. The Law of Growth

This law tells us that to expect a change in the world around you, you must first change yourself. You only have control over yourself, it is how you use this control that shapes how the universe responds to you. Focus on yourself before you try to change others, let them come to their own conclusions.

5. The Law of Responsibility

This law reinforces that we are responsible for all our life experiences; good or bad. What is happening around you is a mirror for what is happening within you.

6. The Law of Connection

This law emphasizes the interconnection of past, present and future, and reminds us that our control over the present and future can help us demolish the negative energy of the past.

7. The Law of Focus

According to this law, it is better to focus on a single train of thought to the exclusion of others. Our minds are not equipped to follow too many trains of thoughts with equal competence. Another lesson is that if you focus on your higher values, you won’t have time to focus on lower emotions like resentment or anger.

8. The Law of Giving and Hospitality

This law teaches that if you believe a certain thing, then you will be called upon at some time to demonstrate your commitment to that truth. The focus here is on belief and practice. This law encourages us to ensure your actions reflect your deeper beliefs. This law also is about the way the universe will “test” you. Life always provides us opportunities to put learned lessons into practice. It also shows us when we need to do more work on some aspect of your character.

9. The Law of Here and Now

This law reminds us that the present is all we have and to be fully engaged in it. If you cling too hard to past feelings, experiences, beliefs, you will always have one foot in the past. Same as, if you focus on anxiety, or greed, you will always have one foot in the future.

10. The Law of Change

The universe gives us what we need. You will find that history will continually repeat itself until you demonstrate that you’ve learned what you need in order to create a different future. If you notice that you are stuck in a hamster wheel, this is because there’s something fundamental that you have not addressed. Whereas, if things around you begin to change dramatically and sudden, this is a sign that you have recently taken significant steps in your growth.

11. The Law of Patience and Reward

This law claims that all of your greatest successes require consistent hard work. You must be patient, whatever your goals are in life. If you expect immediate results you will be disappointed. Try to figure out what your true purpose is, and act in accordance to that purpose and know what you are doing you are supposed to. In time, associated successes will follow, both emotionally and materially.

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration

This law stresses that every contribution you make will affect the whole, however small or great. Whenever you make loving contributions to the world, you act inspires similar positive behavior in other and attract more positivity in your life. You may feel insignificant, but without your presence the energy of the universe would be fundamentally altered.

When you understand karma, it changes your life. You can use the laws to create success in your life. We cannot always control what is happening in our world but we can always control how WE react to it. It isn’t easy, especially when we are tested, but we can reflect and respond with understanding. We can also save ourselves from hurt and loss. The belief in karma is not required, it is affecting you. The principles bring awareness and can assist in a more peaceful harmonious life.


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