Now What?

So here we are, at the aftermath of the election, well maybe a more accurate description is- the voting process. The results were in…


I know for me it was a sigh of relief. I would get to feel a bit safer for my family and friends that reside in the United States. And I would also not have my heart strings torn when I listened and watched countless emotional displays such as Van Jones.

Van Jones on CNN

I thought that people understood, the seriousness of this election and what has transpired in the last 4 years. The racial divisiveness and blatant hatred. Sadly, It was not evident. What came after was a smear campaign against both the President Elect and Vice President Elect. And I won’t dignify what was said, because it is not even worth it. This is what is has come to. I was saddened immensely especially at what they said about Kamala Harris- the first women-the first- bi-racial woman- of Jamaican and South Asian immigrants.

When the President can use defamatory racist comments, well why can’t the general public? It is all free game now. The First Amendment has taken on a whole new level now. (sadly)

And still, no concession. The president has now baseless claims that significant voter fraud transpired that stole the victory from him. The president, members of his administration, congressional Republicans and right wing allies have put a claim that the election was stolen and have refused the acceptance that Joseph R Biden is the winner.

“There’s a great human capacity for inventing things that aren’t true about elections,” said Frank LaRose, a Republican who serves as Ohio’s secretary of state. “The conspiracy theories and rumors and all those things run rampant. For some reason, elections breed that type of mythology.”

“It would be nearly impossible to do voter fraud in this election because of the number of people tuned in,” said Nellie Gorbea, the Democratic secretary of state Rhode Island. In the United States, voting fraud is very rare. If any irregularities do occur they are isolated and not likely to alter the outcome of an election.

Jake Rollow, a spokesman for Jocelyn Benson, the Democratic secretary of state in Michigan said, ‘We have not seen any evidence of fraud or foul play in the actual administration of the election. What we have seen is that it was smooth, transparent, secure and accurate.’’

Even with that, Trump supporters aren’t convinced, which is worrisome.

Richard L. Eldredge wrote an opinion piece that resonated with me, because this is part and parcel of the division that has transpired in the last 4 years.

The invitations to your holiday gatherings stopped coming. Your daughter got married and I wasn’t invited. We haven’t spoken since 2017.Over our love-filled 50-year bond, you chose a hate-filled New York millionaire who has never spent a moment with you, cried with one of you when your dad died, hugged another of you at your mom’s funeral or otherwise cared about you.I know his supporters, you included, see the version of Trump he claims to be. Here is who I see. A man under seemingly constant investigation while in office. A man who brags about grabbing women by their genitals. A man who — though he denies it — others say calls members of our military “losers” and “suckers.” A morally bankrupt, impeached and now lame duck President.

A man who refers to members of the press — my chosen profession for the past three decades — as “enemies of the people.” A man who mocks the disabled, who basks in the adoration of a crowd chanting his name as he engages in cruelty. That’s not who you are. That’s not who you have ever been. Yet, you supported a President who knowingly lied to the American people about the dangers of a pandemic, who has turned his back on over 230,000 dead Americans. A man who blatantly ignored science and public health experts and said a highly infectious novel coronavirus would go away without a plan to treat it or contain it.

A man whose public utterances reflect that of a racist, a misogynist and a bigot whose administration attacks the rights of the LGBTQ community.In 2016, you voted for all of that. And, after four years of insults, bullying, hundreds of heinous tweets and thousands of documented lies, I know from other relatives that you doubled down and voted for that again.Even after four years of this person putting his character on daily display for the world to see, you decided he best represents the character and the values of this country. You decided he best represents your character and your values.

To be clear, this was never about a difference of political opinion. We’ve gotten through that before. This was about a fundamental difference in morality, integrity and decency and a person who exemplifies none of those things.

This is the crux of the issue, it is now, not about politics. It is about character. I have watched people defend him on Facebook as if they actually know him and turn a blind eye to all that he has said and done. Again, as I have stated many times, there are many Republican policies that I agree with as well as there are many Democratic policies that I agree with. And whether I was a die hard Republican, or a die hard Democratic, the choice would always have to go with integrity and character. Although, admittedly, I was thoroughly entertained for the last 4 years, but not at the hatred and violence that ensued. Where people were comfortable in being overtly racist to each other.

If you did not have to have this discussion with your child- consider yourself lucky. This unfortunately is not contained in the United States, but also in Canada and of course, racism is not new, and Trump did not invent it, he just poured the fuel on it and lit the match.

I know, most of you still won’t care, that clearly was evident!

I do have to give him credit, he made it comfortable for hatred, racism and bigotry and we saw alot of it.

And then when the debates (again, not sure why racism is a debate) but I already wrote on that topic. The worst response again is- “How can I be racist, when my______ (fill in the blanks) is black.”

Hugh Sigh-

Do I really have to go there again!!! Okay I will if I must.

Tyler Parry, who is an associate professor of African American Studies at California State University in Fullerton (I know Trump supporters are saying to themselves right now- but is he an expert?) Parry purports using black people as political props is not new, it has occured since the 19th century in debates regarding slavery. In The Antebellum period – former slave owners would write about slavery and describe their relationship with slaves as a friendship. It was a way for them to justify their position on slavery.

Parry still finds it remarkable that those in the public eye continue to use “the black friend” excuse repeatedly in almost verbatim language rather than issue an acknowledgement of wrongdoing. He says, “it comes off shallow, and brings the authenticity of the friendship into question.”

“There’s a few studies that say it’s a way to overcompensate — particularly a white person or a person of privilege feels the need to accumulate friends of color in case they are ever accused of racism,” Parry said. “If they can deflect the criticism and place it upon their friend as a way to explain it, they can get off the hook.”

Of- course, that won’t be the end of that argument- because I still hear it as a defense to this day.

Let’s get back to the important issue of how this has affected people.

This is what my cousin wrote on her timeline- and she resides in New York

I know we are all stressing during this whole election process, but I know that we all want what’s best for America. Please delete me from your friend if you support a bully who only cares about himself and his own agenda. We need to focus on and what’s happening with our people and our issues; covid, democracy, healthcare for all, blacklivesmatter:, women’s rights , bipartisanship, unity, bridging division.I’m posting this because this divide is killing me emotionally. 😪 I’m just so tired.

This… is what is happening…..

Many people I know feel the same- I have seen many delete me, unfriend me, block me.

And of course, you will say, I am extreme with this comparison. Maybe – but Maybe Not.

As Eldredge said, I hope it was worth it!


Eldredge, R.L, (2020) To my family who chose Trump over me, Was It Worth It?;,

Tang T, Hajela D, (2019) Many view “Black friend defense” as tired, hollow argument.,


I believe you can learn something new everyday.

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