Broken SIlence

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You don’t have to be an avid CNN or Fox News viewer to see what has been going on with the United States election. I have to admit, I have not really been too heavily involved with any of it at all. When Trump ran in 2016, I knew he would win, so it wasn’t a shock to me at all.

I also knew that the decision was made at the infamous 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner- where he was allegedly humiliated by the public abasement, Trump told Roxanne Roberts from the Washington Post:

“It’s such a false narrative,” I had a phenomenal time. I had a great evening.”

Roxanne was there. Seated directly behind him, in fact, so that when she turned her chair to listen to the speeches, her head was precariously close to The Donald’s left ear and that golden blow-dried confection he calls his hair. (her hilarious words, not mine)

So, here’s a novel concept: Let’s talk about the facts of the evening. Let’s go to the videotape:

Well, although he vehemently denies that this was not the night that he decided to run for president, and he had such a great time – perhaps he practises stoicism so we can’t tell that he is enjoying himself in this video.

I think it is a marvelous achievement that you can decide after being humilated to not only run for president without any qualifications or experience and actually win. So if I were him, I would own that moment- to me, it gives him more street credentials.

However, after four years of this, I finally broke my silence on this topic and got off the fence to make an informed opinion. Most of my family members that reside in the States are extremely transparent about their disdain for this man. And of course, many people stay silent – and by silent I mean complicit. You see, “Qui tacet consentire” – Sir Thomas More- Silence is Consent!

I can no longer sit silent on things that matter. If you haven’t seen the divisiveness and the blatant racial violence that this man, has caused, you are complicit. Plain and simple.

That’s the beauty of being educated- (yes, I said it) education allows you to rationally extrapolate information from various sources and come to a conclusion based on facts and evidence. Do I think he is racist? Well he refers to “the blacks” and says the Mexicans that show up for their hearings have lower intelligence than the others. And when he says these discriminatory remarks, there is zero accountability – and it’s just dismissed. Or he will make a pseudo apology. Don’t take my word for it- let’s have a look at his repertoire….

“I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks,”

In May 2011, Trump pointed to the fact that an African American man, Randall Pinkett, won the fourth season of his NBC show “The Apprentice” as evidence that he is the “least racist person there is.”- Oh – so he had 9 years to contemplate this ridiculous statement and yet he still has the nerve to not only continue saying it – but in the last presidential debate!……

emoji® – The Official Brand | Face rolling eyes while whistling

Let’s look at some more of these salient statements:

“Well, you know, when it comes to racism and racists, I am the least racist person there is. (there it is again) And I think most people that know me would tell you that. I am the least racist, I’ve had great relationships,” Trump said. “In fact, Randall Pinkett won, on the as you know, on ‘The Apprentice’ a little while ago, a couple of years ago. And Randall’s been outstanding in every way. So I mean, I am the least racist person.” Calling anyone who can decipher what this actually means? Is this the same as “my best-friend is black?

The next one is a two for one deal….

“I have black guys counting my money. … I hate it,” Trump told John R. O’Donnell, the former president of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, according O’Donnell’s account in his 1991 book “Trumped!” “The only guys I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day.” That’s a home run there- and for the record- black is not a race- but to be fair, short guys that wear yarmulkes are not also- so……

This one is classic- Trump, according to O’Donnell, went on to say, “‘Laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that.” – But remember folks- that he is the LEAST racist person in the room (which should be a scary thought to any visible minority)

In an interview with Playboy in 1999, Trump remarked that “[t]he stuff O’Donnell wrote about me is probably true. The guy’s a f—-g loser. A f—-g loser. I brought the guy in to work for me; it turns out he didn’t know that much about what he was doing. I think I met the guy two or three times total. And this guy goes off and writes a book about me, like he knows me!”

No comment-

In an interview with NBC News in September 1989, Trump remarked, “A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market.” (ah- so he does use black and white as actual races-okay I get it now)

He continued: “If I were starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black, because I believe they do have an actual advantage.”

I don’t think he left anyone out of the one quote below- I think he covered all Latin America (which for the record does include South America)- and probably in his ignorance doesn’t realize that-

Latin America generally refers to territories in the Americas where the Spanish, Portuguese or French languages prevail, including: Mexico, most of Central and South America, and in the Caribbean, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Puerto Rico

You talking to me? - Robert De Niro | Meme Generator
I know Rob Dinero is Italian – But he’s the one that said this classic line.

Buckle your seat belts for this one……“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people,” Trump said at his campaign announcement. “But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. It only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people. It’s coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over South and Latin America, and it’s coming probably— probably— from the Middle East. But we don’t know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop fast.” (when he said we, I think he meant I)

And out of curiosity- is Mexico a place or a person? When Mexico “sends” their people? Why am I even trying to break this down? The irony doesn’t escape me that English is his first language.

Below sits the Self proclaimed least racist person in the room

Was Donald Trump Never Accused of Racism Before Running Against Democrats?

On “Entertainment Tonight” on July 1st due to the blowback from the above comments, Trump attempted to contain the controversy of his words.

“I don’t have a racist bone in my body,” Trump told the show. “The fact that I want a strong border and the fact that I don’t want illegal immigrants pouring into this country, that doesn’t make me a racist, it means I love this country and I want to save this country.”

Donald Trump: How a Real-Estate Developer Became a Political Celebrity |  Time

And for the grand finale for this article (because this could go on and on) -When asked in January 1989, to provide an estimate of his total wealth for a Time magazine profile he stated:

“Who the f knows? I mean, really, who knows how much the Japs will pay for Manhattan property these days?” he asked in response, using a racial slur for the Japanese.

When I Googled (not that I needed to) but in today’s world every opinion is dismissed -even if it is based off of facts. So although I know exactly what defines a leader- I decided to see what came up first:

leader is someone who can see how things can be improved and who rallies people to move toward that better vision. Leaders can work toward making their vision a reality while putting people first. Just being able to motivate people isn’t enough — leaders need to be empathetic and connect with people to be successful.

Let’s take a look at his supporters….

Warning- these are unfiltered voices from Donald Trump’s Crowds – Hateful Speech

Okay, I know what people are going to say- that was 4 years ago, things have changed- well let’s not take anyone’s word for it- let’s see for ourselves.

Fights broke out in New York’s Times Square on Sunday between demonstrators for and against President Trump. Officials said seven people were arrested.

This was October 5th, 2020- seems peaceful


We fact-checked a fake, viral video with a Trump supporter

There it is- Fact checker is wrong- anyone that doesn’t agree with them is wrong and perhaps my eyes are deceiving me but I do not see a diverse group of individuals at any of these the rallies.

And just for comedic relief I Had to add this video

All in all, this campaign has reignited the extreme sadness of the lack of racial equality that still has to be fought in this day. Even the Lincoln Project- (who are Republicans)- want Donald Trump voted out. I cringe at the fact that he can get away with the things that he says. He cannot even string a sentence together that makes any semblance of sense. It doesn’t surprise me, –According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), 21 percent of adults in the United States (about 43 million) fall into the illiterate/functionally illiterate category. … Non-U.S.-born adults make up 34 percent of the low literacy/illiterate U.S. population. I wonder if he is in the 21 percent category?

So yes, I will admit, some of the things that the Republican party stands for, make economic sense- I will not deny that. However, this election is not even Democrat/Republican- it’s Trump/Democrat. The self-proclaimed non-racist, non-empathetic, non-diplomatic and socially inept individual has no place in politics. He blatantly says it all the time that he is not a politician- by the way a blind man can see that.

Politicians propose, support and create laws or policies that govern the land and, by extension, its people.

He says he is a business man- let’s take a look at those endeavours

Trump has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy for his companies six times. Three of the casino bankruptcies came during the recession of the early 1990s and the Gulf War, both of which contributed to hard times in Atlantic City, New Jersey’s gambling facilities.

He also entered a Manhattan hotel and two casino holding companies into bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows companies to restructure or wipe away much of their debt to other companies, creditors, and shareholders while remaining in business but under the supervision of a bankruptcy court. Chapter 11 is often called “reorganization” because it allows the business to emerge from the process more efficient and on good terms with its creditors.

One point of clarification: Trump has never filed personal bankruptcy, only corporate bankruptcy related to some of his business interests.

“I have never gone bankrupt,” Trump has said. (Just emotionally- he should have added)

So, you aren’t a politician- and clearly you aren’t a business-man either. I understand the protection of having a corporation- a separate legal entity- which protects the individual’s assets. Can America afford to be the protection, when he leaves it bankrupt and ununified? With how he has handled Covid-19 and at the last debate he said “I take full responsibility, It’s not my fault- It came from China.”

I guess, the sad reality for most, is until it directly affects them- then there is a lot to say. I salute the people that stand up for things even if it doesn’t.

Fact are facts- unless you are a Trump supporter- then it’s false. I am not American- and why should I care? Well I care about my extended family- I care about things that may not necessarily directly affect me. I have sat and observed for a long time- And I will not stay silent about things that matter.

MLK and the silence of good people | The Seattle Times
Martin Luther King Jr. | Redtree Times

Will you?


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